Andrei Codrescu        Maria Baranda

Guest Lecturer:  Ron Silliman

Laure-Anne Bosselaar  Anselm Berrigan  

Leah Silvieus (2014 USPiM Fellowship Award Recipient)

Clare Sullivan - Translation

Featured Poetas Mexicanos

Maria Baranda     Natalia Toledo (Zapotec)      Rocío González     Guadalupe Ángela

USPiM Poetry Conferences offer poetry workshops, discussions on contemporary poetics, manuscript consultations, readings and translation workshops with distinguished American and Mexican poets

What makes our poetry conference unique?

U.S. and Mexican poets meet, discover each others' writing and explore collaborations.

Our intimate and intensive poetry workshops focus on craft and go beyond skimming the surface.

Our faculty, lecturers and featured readers include poets from a variety of contemporary poetic schools and movements.

Our distinguished Featured Lecturers highlight contemporary trends in poetics.

A prestigious translator of Latin American literature offers a translation workshop at every conference.

We highlight the poetry of indigenous peoples and explore their culture. 

We include visits to archaeological sites, ecological reserves, museums and other cultural offerings in order to establish a sense of place and an understanding of local culture.

The USPiM Poetry Conference sponsors FREE public readings by all faculty, guests and featured Mexican poets.

We award up to five scholarships to regional Mexican poets. This integrates our program with local literary communities throughout Mexico.

Our faculty often includes poet-editors of anthologies of American or Mexican poetry.



Ron Silliman lecture

English language poets visit Mexico for a week of inspiring literary discourse and writing workshops with their peers, and are introduced to contemporary Mexican poets and their work.

Cultural Immersion

Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Visiting poets learn about local culture, indigenous languages and customs, and visit archaeological sites, museums and ecological sites.


Forrest Gander & Alfonso D'Aquino

Forrest Gander & Alfonso D'Aquino

We introduce poets from the U.S. and Mexico. We encourage and support translation projects. Translation workshops are available with teaching professionals who specialize in Latin American literature - especially Mexican poetry.