Featured Poetas Mexicanas

Natalia Toledo    Rocío González    Guadalupe Ángela

Andrei Codrescu  "One of our most prodigiously talented and magical writers."  New York Times Book Review

Laure-Anne Bosselaar  "Hers  is an authentic poetic voice, one serious enough to be heard at the end of this long and brutal century."  Charles Simic

Ron Silliman  "Silliman’s prolific publishing career includes over thirty books of poetry, critical work, collaborations and anthologies. He has long championed experimental or “post-avant” poetics..." The Poetry Foundation

Larry Fagin   "I don't know of a better editor and teacher of poetry or prose than Fagin."  Allen Ginsberg

Anselm Berrigan   "Berrigan is always in control–of the line, of the sentence, of the digressions–all in attempt to show that poetry is not a space for tidy representation, but a sprawling performance of thought and experience, a body of vocabularies."  Nick Sturm, Coldfront Magazine

Catherine Wagner   "Taking with one hand what they give with the other, Wagner's poems are full of vehemence and disdain and tenderness and somewhere, in some inexpugnable part of the body of language through which so many discomforting feelings pass, a thorny kind of joy. This is my idea of great poetry: in which 'The actual is / flickering a binary / between word and not-word.'"  Barry Schwabsky, Hyperallergic 

Clare Sullivan  "I base my translations on one of the strengths of Toledo's own writing, her imagery. When I translate Natalia Toledo's poetry...my hope is to enter deeply into the originals and to create interest in the language and culture that produced them."



Ron Silliman lecture

Ron Silliman lecture

English language poets visit Mexico for a week of inspiring literary discourse and writing workshops with their peers, and are introduced to contemporary Mexican poets and their work.

Cultural Immersion

Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Visiting poets learn about local culture, indigenous languages and customs, and visit archaeological sites, museums and ecological sites.


Forrest Gander & Alfonso D'Aquino

Forrest Gander & Alfonso D'Aquino

We introduce poets from the U.S. and Mexico. We encourage and support translation projects. Translation workshops are available with teaching professionals who specialize in Latin American literature - especially Mexican poetry.