7th Annual USPiM Poetry Conference ~ OAXACA!

October 31 - November 4, 2016

Writing Workshops and Talks

Anne Waldman        Roberto Tejada       Hoa Nguyen       Matvei YankelEvich

Featured Readings

Laura Solórzano (Guadalajara)      Irma Pineda (Juchitan de Zaragoza - Zapotec Language)

Chapbook Making with Celine Lombardi

Chapbook Making with Celine Lombardi

Ilya Kaminsky, judge       USPiM fellowship award!

Ilya Kaminsky, judge       USPiM fellowship award!

"US Poets in Mexico was meaningful for me in ways I hadn’t expected. Being in Oaxaca was in every way a sensual emersion of colors, tastes, smells, language, landscape, architecture, graphic design, deep history and edgy modernity. Against that backdrop of place, we shared a week-long conversation about poetry through lectures, workshops and readings held in wonderful venues. I was especially engaged by lectures about the history of Mexican poetry, which is entwined with the country’s political and artistic movements, and a portal into Mexico’s passions. Conference organizers, faculty and fellow participants were the kind of people you want to travel with - smart, funny, resourceful and capable of awe. The USPiM experience touched more than just the poem center of my brain: I came back to the snowy Northeast excited about writing, printmaking and returning to Oaxaca! (January, 2016 Oaxaca)” — Deborah, PA

Anne Waldman photo: Greg Fuchs

Previous USPiM Conferences & PoeTS

Oaxaca 2016:   Major Jackson, Eileen Myles, Charles Alexander, Mark Statman, Susan Briante   Poetas Mexicanos:  Tedi Lopez Mills (Mexico City),  Efrain Velasco Sosa (Oaxaca), Victor Teran (Zapotec language)

Oaxaca 2014Andrei Codrescu, Ron Silliman, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Anselm Berrigan, Catherine Wagner, Translation: Clare SullivanPoetas Mexicanas:  Maria Baranda (Mexico City), Natalia Toledo (Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca; Mexico City), Rocío González (Oaxaca/Mexico City), Guadalupe Ángela (Oaxaca)

Merida 2013Tom Sleigh, Ron Silliman, Nicole Cooley, Lynn Emanuel, Mark Weiss, Translation: Suzanne Jill Levine   Poetas Mexicanos: Mario Bojórquez (Puebla), Álvaro Solís (Puebla), Rubén Márquez Máximo (Puebla), Ambar Past (San Cristobal de las Casas) and Maruch Mendes Peres (Chiapas, Tsotzil Mayan language), Gabriel Magana Merlo (Guadalajara)

Tulum 2011Diane Wakoski, Jerome Rothenberg, Paul Hoover, Mark Weiss, Translation: Jen Hofer  Poetas Mexicanos: Luis Cortés Bargalló (Mexico City), Rocío Cerón (Mexico City), Carla Faesler (Mexico City) , Feliciano Sánchez Chan (Merida, Mayan language)

Merida 2010:  Mark Doty, Anne Waldman, Martin Espada, Translation: Pedro Serrano   PoetasMexicanosPura López-Colomé (Mexico City), José Vicente Anaya (Mexico City),  Pedro Serrano (Mexico City), Bricieda Cuevas Cob (Campeche, Mayan language)

Merida 2009C. D. Wright, Forrest Gander, Bob Holman, Jack Collom, Translation: Mónica de la Torre   PoetasMexicanas: Coral Bracho (Mexico City), Mónica de la Torre (NYC), Valerie Mejer (San Miguel de Allende), Bricieda Cuevas Cob (Campeche, Mayan language)



Ron Silliman lecture

English language poets visit Mexico for a week of inspiring literary discourse and writing workshops with their peers, and are introduced to contemporary Mexican poets and their work.

Cultural Immersion

Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Visiting poets learn about local culture, indigenous languages and customs, and visit archaeological sites, museums and ecological sites.


Forrest Gander & Alfonso D'Aquino at the Museo de Antropología de Xalapa for a USPiM sponsored Translation Residency, June 2010

We encourage and support translation projects. Translation workshops are available with teaching professionals who specialize in Latin American literature - particularly Mexican poetry.