Elvis Guerra

Elvis guerra

Elvis guerra

Poet, translator and artisan Elvis Guerra was born in Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca in 1993. Garnering great attention over the last year, Guerra is one of the young promising poets of the Zapotec literature of Juchitán. He studied for a law degree at the Metropolitan Institute of Applied Sciences imca. His collection of poems, "Xtiidxa 'nize", (Declaration of Absence) was published in 2018. The book raises awareness of sexual freedom and brings together erotic poems about the traditions of Juchitàn, death, and some other rituals.

In 2015, he won the CaSa Literary Creation in Zapotec Language in the category of Poetry, with the title Zuyubu '/ Buscaás. His poems have been published in various magazines and anthologies, such as Poetry Anthology of the CaSa Awards, (Ed. Calamus, 2016), San Diego Poerty Annual, Young Creators Anthology, of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts, Tierra Adentro Magazine, among others. He has been a scholarly fellow of the National Fund for Cultures and Arts for 2016-2017 (FONCA). As a translator he published the book Piel Oscura (‘Guidiladi Yaase’ from Spanish to Zapotec) by author Astor Ledezma (Dark Skin, Erotic Tales of Zapotec, Editorial el Zanate, 2017). He is an announcer of an indigenous culture program on a community radio station in Juchitán, where he also promotes Zapotec writers, musicians and writers.

Guerra, who openly accepts being gay, confesses that since childhood he has lived with homophobia. In Juchiteca society and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the term "muxe" is used to refer to/or name people with sexual preference different from a woman and a man, even some call them the "third gender". More about the muxe of Juchitan here

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