Ezines, Organizations, Festivals, Publishers, Blogs, and more  (This page is a work in progress!)

Circulo de Poesia, Periodico de Poesia, Letras Libres,

Poetry Translation, S/N New World Poetics, Center for the Art of Translation, World Literature Today, Words without Borders, Taller Lenateros (Handmade books by Tzotzil Mayan Women's collective in Chiapas),

Ron Silliman's Blog, EOAGH, PennSound, Jacket2, Poems and Poetics (Jerome Rothenberg), The Volta, Bomb Magazine, Ubu Web

Poetry Foundation, Academy of American Poets, Poetry Society of America,

FIL Guadalajara, Poesia en Voz Alta, Alianza de Editoriales Mexicanos Independientes, FIL Oaxaca,

Expat Connections

Oaxaca Calendar, Oaxaca Times, Oaxaca Lending Library, Que Pasa Oaxaca,

Yucatan LivingMerida English LibraryYucatan Today, Yucatan Times,

Lend a Hand, Help if You Can

Oaxaca Street Children, Libros para Pueblos (supply books, reading and much more for children in Oaxaca towns,   Fundacion Maya Laakeech (teach English to Mayan children in small pueblos surrounding Chichen Itza)